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has been working on the Russian market since the year 2001. Our activities are primarily focused on the carriage of heavy-weight and oversized cargo by maritime and river transport.

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About the Company

OOO “Vikar” has been working on the Russian market since the year 2001. Our activities are primarily focused on the transportation of heavy-weight and oversized cargo by maritime and river transport. The company “Vikar” provides comprehensive services for transportation of oversized and project cargo by inland waterway and small rivers in the Russian Federation. We also offer the organization of multimodal sea freight in the international direction from the ports of Europe, East Asia, China and the Far East, including freight forwarding, cargo insurance, customs clearance, survey. The experts of our company will assist you to arrange transshipment and storage of goods in ports.

To solve individual tasks, we will make analysis of the entire scheme of cargo transportation, based on it we are ready to offer you optimal and competitive decisions on the choice of points of loading, unloading and handling of equipment from one mode of transport to another, as well to assist, where necessary, in the construction of temporary piers.

The Company “Vikar» carries out the delivery of equipment for petrochemical, energy, nuclear, and other industries by its own fleet:

  • Flat-top barge project No.81109, payload 1300 tones, vl.class “M-PR 2.0, key dimensions : length overall 69 m, beam 14 m, free board 2 m, area for transportation of cargos 62 m x 10 m.
  • Flat-top barge project No.16800, payload 2500 tones, vl.class “O-PR 2.0, key dimensions : length overall 102,7 m, beam 17,5 m, free board 2,8 m.
  • Flat-top barge project No.943T, payload 600 tones, vl.class “O-PR 2.0, key dimensions : length overall 56,2 m, beam 12,2 m, free board 2 m.

All barges are equipped with RO-RO gateway and ramp, carriage is performed with tug escort of our fleet. Moreover, the Company “Vikar» takes over the development and drawing-up of project documentation for handling operations, stowage and lashing of oversized equipment on a barge deck. In some other cases, our Company is ready to offer the delivery of cargo by specialized road vehicles with approval of all necessary documentation.

We offer our clients the following services:

  • Maritime and inland waterway carriage of oversize cargo
  • Maritime chartering
  • Elaboration of optimal routes for the carriage of heavy-weight cargo
  • Design work
  • Investment projects for modernization of barge-tug and tow trains
  • Construction of temporary piers
  • Insurance
  • Customs clearance
  • Port forwarding
  • Cargo handling
  • Cargo storage and consolidation
  • Preparation of all permits


What is RO-RO barge?

RO-RO barges are inland waterway vessels intended for the carriage of oversized cargo, trucks and trailers with oversized cargo, agricultural machinery, in general that is the machinery which is able to leave the ship on their own or can be pulled/pushed by tractor. They’ve took its name from the English “roll on” – “roll off”. Such vessels have special ramps that allow wheeled vehicles to get in and leave the board of vessel easily.

Each RO-RO barge has:

  • ramp (flat platform for entering the oversized equipment on their own);
  • bottom layers (special props for stowage and lashing usually with the help of steel ropes);

What advantages does RO-RO carriage has?

What benefits does this way of transportation have and why many customers choose right it for delivery?

  • RO-RO barge has got a high load capacity and can take on board a very voluminous party of modular or oversized cargo.

Let us explain: oversized cargo is cargo that significantly exceeds the standard dimensions(in width more than 2.55 meters, 4 meters in height, 20 meters in length) and it cannot be placed in a standard vehicle.

  • Relatively low cost due to the fact that it is used a natural waterway that provides lower costs compared with land transport. Therefore, the costs of RO-RO transportation is calculated individually, where it is taken into account the overall weight and dimensions characteristics of the cargo, transportation’s route, taking part in the carriage of one or two tugs, as well as additional services on preparing the berth, both during the loading and unloading of oversized equipment or modular cargo.
  • RO-RO waterway transportation recognized as safer for the security of the cargo.
  • The use of barges for the transportation is ecofriendly, it doesn’t harm the environment, that nowadays is important.

Sometimes, when transporting heavy and oversized cargoes for industrial enterprises of petrochemical, nuclear and energy industries the carriage by this method is the only acceptable option due to the size and weight of the equipment.

  • Delivery of cargo by barge is often faster than land transport modes.

The Company “Vikar”- reliability and quality

Any barge used by us meets standards and perfectly copes with its task, besides we will provide you with all related transportation services, such as insurance and a preliminary inspection of the cargo.

Thanks to the more than ten-year experience and qualified staff we can guarantee our customers that the RO-RO cargo carriage will be carefully thought-out and accomplished just in time.

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