Transportation of heavy and oversized cargo by sea and river transport

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Cargo delivery by sea and river transport

The VIKAR company provides transport and logistics services for enterprises of oil and gas, oil refining, chemical, energy and other industries in the field of transportation of large and heavy cargoes by sea and river transport.

Cargo handling

Our company has extensive experience and offers the services of qualified professionals to perform loading and unloading of any complexity. Depending on the conditions of carriage, the type of vessel, the place of unloading - VIKAR professionals will offer you the best way to load or unload bulky goods using various methods.

Diving work

Our company offers diving works that include a wide range of different activities. Diving work begins from cleaning the water area and ends with complex welding and engineering and technical underwater work at depths.

Additional services

LLC “VIKAR” will take over the services of storage of goods in the port, organizes transshipment and further transportation. To solve your problems, we will offer the optimal scheme of delivery of oversized cargo in the required time frame. Also, our company offers a full range of customs clearance services.

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