Barge platform “Silver – 3005”
Tug – pusher “FROM – 2032”


  1. Adsorber 16A01 (3pcs) – length 11.43 cm, width 3 , 54 cm, height 4.34 cm, weight 183.3 tons.
  2. Column 12T01 (1pc) – length 31.26 cm, width 3.50 cm, height 3.58 cm; weight is 174.1 tons.
  3. Adsorber 13A01 (1pc) – length 11.02 cm, width 3.95 cm, height 4.22 cm; weight is 62.190 tons.
  4. Colonna 12T03 (1pc) – length 27.63 cm, width 3.35 cm, height 3.53 cm, weight 130.3 tons.

Loading method: crane.
Unloading method: RO-RO.

In April 2018, VIKAR completed the project of transportation of heavy equipment from the berth MMPK “Bronka” to the temporary berth in Dalnyaya Bay, Bolshoy Bor, Vyborg district.

To carry out this project, our company provided the Silver-3005 barge-platform. The project of transportation of oversized equipment on a barge developed by our company. The cargo was fastened on the vessel according to the loading, placement and fastening schemes. Loading was performed by crane method, unloading – using RO-RO method.

Transportation of oversized cargo has its own characteristics – this is a more complicated process of loading and unloading, installation and fastening of oversized cargo on a barge, selection of the necessary barge-towing structure , development of project documentation, obtaining permits for transportation of oversized cargo, finding a suitable place of unloading, building a temporary berth.

Thus, in accordance with all the components of successful work, this transportation was performed on within a specified period in compliance with all conditions of the contract with the customer.

If you need a reliable partner with good references, we offer a service of “VIKAR”. Our specialists will take up an order of any complexity and are ready to assure you that transportation will take place without risks.