Sea freight from Vladivostok to the Chukotka Autonomous Region

Navy ship:
Dry vessel “CHARA” year of construction 1978, class RMRS ARC-3
Cargo: two 40-foot containers

The VIKAR company is interested in its clients, and even when the tasks seem complicated at first glance, our specialists find the right solution. So in October 2016, our company received an application for the implementation of the sea transportation of goods from Vladivostok to the Chukotka Autonomous Region. At first glance, the cargoes are not so complicated – two 40-foot containers, but the transportation profile does not quite correspond to our fleet. In spite of the tasks that are not standard for us, the employees of the company undertook the provision of services for the transport of goods by sea.
Our customer, the Branch of the Air Navigation of the North-East of the FSUE State ATM Corporation, set the task to pick up the valuable azimuth and distance measuring equipment of DVOR 2000 /DME /N 2700 radio beacons in Vladivostok and deliver cargo to the Chukotka Autonomous Region, Providensky District, pos. Providence.
The VIKAR employees organized the delivery of groupage cargoes to the port, where all equipment was loaded into containers, all necessary port operations were carried out, as well as cargo insurance.
For the transportation of valuable cargo, our company has chartered a sea vessel “Chara”. The equipment containers were loaded onto the Chara m /v in the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port and passed through the Pacific Ocean in early November and were delivered to the village of Providence of the Chukotka Autonomous Region.
Within the framework of the contract, VIKAR LLC provided a full range of services for multimodal transportation and forwarding, documentation and insurance, as well as cargo escort for the entire length of the journey.
The goods were delivered on time, weather and climatic conditions did not violate the transportation plan. This project for us is important and valuable, as experience in difficult conditions. It is important to note that the Air Navigation Branch of the Northeast provides air navigation services for Russian and foreign aircraft in the airspace over the territory of the Magadan Region, the Chukotka Autonomous Region, over a part of the Kamchatka Territory and over the water area of ​​the Eastern Arctic Ocean.