The project of transporting the reactor vessel Veliky Novgorod – Volgodonsk


Barge – ARK-19 platform

Tug – pusher “OT-2032”


The reactor vessel.


– length 11600 mm;

– width 5700 mm;

– height 5350 mm.

– weight 346.5 tons.

Loading method: RO-RO with landing of a barge on a sandy pillow through the ramp of a train.
Unloading method: RO-RO, crane.


In September 2017, VIKAR completed the project of transporting heavy equipment from the Akron pier in Veliky Novgorod on the Volkhov River to the AEHT berth in Volgodonsk.

To accomplish this project, our company provided the barge with an ARK-19 platform on the Akron berth in Veliky Novgorod. The project of transportation of oversized equipment on a ro-ro barge was developed by our company’s specialists. The cargo was fastened on the vessel according to the loading, placement and fastening schemes. The loading was performed by ro-ro method with the landing of a barge on a sand pillow through the ramp of the train. The oversized equipment was transported along the route agreed with the Customer by inland waterway. The vessel proceeded to the special mooring at the AEMT in Volgodonsk, where oversized equipment was unloaded using the ro-ro method and crane method.