The project of transportation of oversized equipment. Berth of SNPZ Syzran settlement – LNPP berth – 2 Koporskaya Bay, Sosnovy Bor


Barge – platform “Silver – 3004” – built in 2015, class Ice Class: IC
Load capacity – 3000 tons.
Tug – Mars pusher, type OT – 2400, project H-3291, built in 1989,
ship class KM * Ice2 R2-RSN (4,5) tug

– The case of transport sluice – quantity – 1 unit, weight – 94.85 tons
Dimensions – 8420mmkh7360mmkh7430mm

– Outer canvas – quantity -2 units, each weight is 42,596 tons
Dimensions – 6820mmh5500mmkh830mm

– Frame – quantity – 2 units, weight of each – 33.026 tons
Dimensions – 6760mmh5230mmkh1400mm

In August 2018, Vikar transported oversized heavy equipment for Leningradskaya NPP on a barge at the Silver 3004 site along the route: the Syzran oil refinery pier – the Leningrad NPP pier – 2 Koporskaya Bay, Sosnovy Bor.

To carry out the loading work, Vikar carried out channel surveys and sweeping works in the water area and water approaches to the berth of large tonnage equipment of the Syzran refinery, diving survey and depth measurements in the LNPP berth area – 2 Koporskaya Bay.

The sluice of the transport sluice, external canvases, the frames were loaded using the RO-RO method according to the previously developed and agreed project of loading and transportation, equipment placement and fastening schemes using unique fasteners for fixing the load.

Transportation of oversized cargo took place on the route agreed by the Customer along the Volga rivers, Onega and Ladoga lakes, canals and reservoirs. Thus, the tugboat proceeded to the pier in the town of Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad Region, where the oversized heavy equipment was unloaded using the RO-RO method using motor transport ashore and delivered to the storage site of the Leningrad NPP-2.

The customer of this transportation was PJSC “Sovfracht”, Rosenergoatom Concern JSC.

We thank SK MORVENNA LLC for assistance in providing transportation.