Unique use of barge platform for cable laying

Barge – towing structure:

  1. Barge-platform “T-1001” pr.81109, year of construction – 1993,
    in the class of PPP “M-PR 2.5”, with a carrying capacity of 1000 tons
  2. Tug “Yauza” project R-103A, in the class PPP O2.0 (ЛЕД20)

During three months of 2016, VIKAR LLC provided the non-self-propelled barge platform T-1001 project 81109 for the construction of the submarine cable line between Gorskaya and Kronstadt in St. Petersburg by Rubezh-RemStroy. The main customer for this project is Lenenergo PJSC.
By itself, this project is almost unique, and our company is proud of its participation in this work.
Before laying the submarine cable, preparatory work was carried out to dredge in order to allow passage through shallow water.
The route of the underwater part of the CL-35 kV passes from the edge of the water of the Gulf of Finland south of the village of Gorskaya. Further, the underwater crossing on the Gulf of Finland (the cable crossing the Gulf of Finland is carried out by one building length from the coupling on the shore and further to the design mark in the water and then on the underwater method with the depth to the bottom of the Gulf of Finland to a depth of at least 1m consisting of a cable laying ship in the role of which the barge platform of the VIKAR company was used, auxiliary and tugboats and an underwater trench-laying trainer). Further, after an underwater crossing on the Gulf of Finland, the KL goes ashore on. Kotlin in the street. Uprising, 5, Kronstadt.
To perform this unique project, a special equipment with a reel with a weight of 335 tons, a cable layer, and additional equipment for laying the cable along the bottom of the Gulf of Finland was loaded onto the barge.
The project was successfully completed in November 2016.