Road transport

In addition to sea and river transport, VIKAR provides transportation services for heavy and oversized cargoes by road. As part of the full range of transportation services, we strive to offer our customers the most favorable conditions.

Why us?

LLC “VIKAR” performs multimodal transportation of heavy equipment, taking full responsibility for the safety and delivery of your goods. Our transport company carries out transportation of oversized, heavy cargo, large-sized equipment, transformers, reactors, column equipment, as well as carry out project road transport. The well-functioning system of work of our company ensures that your bulky cargo will be delivered in complete safety to the destination exactly on time. Transportation of oversized cargo by road is a rather complicated process and a responsible task, the execution of which requires the use of specialized equipment. In addition, the transportation of heavy loads requires the processing of various permits, as well as competent and thoughtful study of routes, drawing up projects and coordinating them with supervisory authorities.

Specialists LLC “VIKAR” develop for their customers the most suitable routes for the transport of goods by road, which always takes into account the weight and size characteristics of the cargo, the possibility of loading (overloading) and unloading oversized equipment, takes into account the need to manufacture lodgments, select the most suitable special equipment. We also take care of all the documentation necessary for unimpeded road transport.

Providing mixed (multimodal) transportation LLC “VIKAR” is ready to offer our customers, within the framework of one contract for the transportation of heavy oversized cargo, a full range of cargo delivery services from the manufacturer to the place of delivery, both in the Russian Federation and in Europe , sea, river and road transport, including insurance, customs escort, loading and unloading, registration of related documentation.

Shipping Cost

The cost of transportation of heavy oversized cargo to determine the single tariff is not possible. Each transportation of oversized equipment is calculated as individually as an individual route is selected. The cost of transportation includes the level of complexity of transportation, rolling stock, delivery time, route, loading and unloading, the use of additional equipment. But in spite of all the above conditions, VIKAR LLC seeks to minimize customer costs and calculates the cost of transporting oversized cargo at the most favorable conditions for our customers.

Over the years of our company, we have gained enough experience, worked a large number of routes, decided a lot of non-standard tasks performing road transport of oversized cargo, therefore, turning to us, our customers trust the expensive equipment of an experienced and reliable company.