Our fleet

VIKAR Company - transportation of oversized heavy cargo on a barge

VIKAR specialists have extensive experience in the transport of large and oversized cargo by sea and river transport, both in the international direction and inland waterways of the Russian Federation.

LLC “VIKAR” is ready to offer its customers a full range of services in the field of river transport, ranging from careful study of the route, development of a transportation project, and ending with the safe delivery of your oversized equipment to destination.

Depending on the task, overall characteristics and weight of the cargo, the high-class specialists of our company are ready to take on such issues as:

  • a detailed study and selection of the optimal route for delivery of oversized cargo;
  • development and approval of the project of transportation of heavy equipment for the Russian Federation’s GDP, as well as in the international direction;
  • design and construction of temporary moorings for unloading by the RO-RO method, as well as strengthening of the berthing facilities for unloading by the crane method;
  • development of mounting schemes and locations of heavy oversized cargo on a barge;
  • obtaining approvals and the necessary special permits for the transport of bulky goods by water transport;
  • cargo insurance;
  • transshipment and consolidation of cargo in ports;
  • loading / unloading oversized and oversized cargo;
  • port forwarding;
  • preparation of a complete set of documents (both in the Russian Federation and abroad).

VIKAR delivers equipment for petrochemical, energy, nuclear and other industries in its own fleet:

  • The barge-platform of the project 81109, carrying capacity 1300 tons, class “M-PR 2.0”, dimensions 69.6 x14.0 m, depth 2.0m, cargo area 62.0 x 10.5 m.
  • Barge-platform of the project 16800, carrying capacity 2500 tons, class “O-PR 2.0”, dimensions: 102.7х17.5 m, depth of board 2.8m .
  • Barge-platform of the project 943T, carrying capacity 600 tons, class “O-PR 2.0”, dimensions: 56.2×12.2 m, depth of the board 2 m.

What is good transportation of oversized cargo on a barge?

  1. A client spends a minimum of money: transporting heavy loads on a barge is not too expensive.
  2. Transportation of heavy loads on a barge is simple and reliable to secure cargo.
  3. The smoothness of the waterway and the reliability of attachment reduce the risk of damage to the load to zero.

What methods do we use for safe loading and unloading?

  1. RO-RO method is that a special ramp (inclined surface) drives cars into or drives out, or loads are brought in / taken out by a tractor (when it comes, for example, to trailers).
  2. Some loads are loaded using a crane. Sometimes the use of a crane requires a berth reinforcement; our company also undertakes this service.
  3. The rigging method is unloading using portal systems that are mounted on a barge.
  4. With the use of stationary port cranes at specialized berths.

Transportation of heavy loads by barge

Transportation of heavy loads on a barge is carried out by our company, taking into account all the subtleties and nuances. For transportation of oversize on the river LLC “VIKAR” without fail:

  1. Carefully develop and examine the intended route of transportation by barge.
  2. Think over and calculate the best option for securing cargo on a barge.
  3. Calculate the stability of the barge, that is, its ability after the heel to regain equilibrium.
  4. Provide the necessary towing support for each leg of the route.
  5. It will help to collect the necessary approvals and permits from the Russian River Register (federal organization) and the Basin Water Authority (also authorized by the state to conduct safety oversight).
  6. Ensure insurance of your cargo thanks to established relationships with insurance companies.
  7. Organizes loading and unloading operations.
  8. Track cargo all the way.

Our company has accumulated more than ten years of experience and has a lot of profitable relationships that allow us to achieve optimal execution of a customer’s order.