Our services

Sea and river transport is the simplest, most reliable and optimal in terms of technical and economic indicators. The VIKAR company provides a full range of services for the transportation of heavy oversized cargo by river transport on Inland Waterways and small rivers of the Russian Federation. We also offer sea transportation of oversized cargo, cargo handling, including freight forwarding services, cargo insurance, customs clearance, international survey from the ports of Europe, East Asia, China and the Far East. Our specialists will help you organize the handling and storage of goods in ports. Experience, skills and qualifications of specialists of LLC “VIKAR” allow us to take full responsibility for the goods transported by sea and river transport.

River transport of oversized cargo in some cases is the only possible way of transportation to certain parts of the country. Especially the transportation of ro-ro barges are relevant for Russia and a number of European countries that possess an extensive network of navigable rivers. All over the world, modern oversized heavy equipment is widely used for the reconstruction and construction of new enterprises. For transportation of heavy oversized cargoes, VIKAR Company ensures unimpeded passage of cargo through all customs zones and borders thanks to well-established international contacts in the ports of Europe, East Asia, China, the Far East and the CIS countries.

Employees of “VIKAR” will issue all the necessary documentation from project documentation, ending with cargo insurance in accordance with international rules for the transportation of oversized cargo and the customs legislation of the country. Modern ro-ro barges have a large carrying capacity, their extensive cargo space makes it quite easy to transport oversized cargo. Transportation of heavy oversized cargo by river transport has its own characteristics; barge-towing structure, development of project documentation, obtaining permits for transportation of oversized cargo along the river, search for a suitable place of unloading, builder TVO temporary pier, and many other components for a successful transportation of oversized heavy cargoes by river transport.