Diving work

The company “Vikar” provides services of divers for underwater work of varying complexity:
  • Diving survey of hydraulic structures and the seabed;
  • Monitoring of the underwater part of the main pipeline crossings;
  • Underwater ship repair;
  • Underwater photo and video shooting
  • Search and lift of ships and sunken objects;
  • Underwater welding, cutting and underwater concreting;
  • Repair of berths, dams, piers, as well as reconstruction of embankments, piles, tips and underwater canals of water intake and catchment structures, bottom water outlets and shandor, their diving inspection, underwater cleaning and painting of surfaces;
  • Laying of underwater pipelines (duckers) for various purposes (oil pipelines, gas pipelines) and underwater cable laying, construction of cable junctions;
  • Laying tetrapods, gabions.
For diving work, our company uses only modern equipment and equipment. Search for optimal technical solutions.