Modernization of barges

The ship becomes obsolete during operation, parts are subject to corrosion, wear out. However, if the basic mechanism is fully operational, there is no need to write off the vehicle: the mechanism can be paid for, updated, modified. Service for the modernization of the vessel offers and LLC “VIKAR”.

Ship Modernization Projects

What is the purpose of upgrading the vessel?

  1. Improving vehicle performance.
  2. Improving the reliability and durability of ship machinery.
  3. Creating acceptable working conditions for the crew that comply with safety regulations.
  4. A warning measure against water pollution.
  5. The ship becomes ergonomic, that is, more economical and less energy consuming.
  6. Change the class of the vessel in order to expand its capabilities.

In cases where the problem arises of converting an old barge into a ship of a different purpose, the creation of a corresponding modernization project is required. Specialists of LLC VIKAR will prepare and carry out design work on re-equipment, modernization and reclassification of vessels of various classes, including non-self-propelled barges for transportation of heavy oversized cargo.

How do we upgrade the structure?

Specialists of our company create projects for the modernization and re-equipment of barges, which are distinguished by a thoughtful approach to preserving the basic elements of the existing vessel, careful change in its appearance and purpose. All issues related to the safety of the operation of the updated vessel are carefully worked out. We are ready to carry out work in this direction for vessels with different amounts of retrofitting and varying degrees of our participation.

Main steps:

  1. Diagnostics, that is, the hull repair of the ship, its full inspection.
  2. A draft of repair, refurbishment and modernization is being drawn up with notes on the current technical condition and a description of the changes required.
  3. During the implementation of the project, we carefully treat the base vessel and its mechanisms. Most often remain almost unchanged nose and feed. We especially thoroughly study and work out issues related to the safety of further operation of mechanisms. Such works of LLC “VIKAR” can be carried out in different volumes depending on the needs of the client.
  4. The result of an upgrade, for example, a barge is a barge with new parameters that will require less cost from the shipowner.

In the course of work on the project to modernize barges, a new barge on the meringue elements of the vessel in operation is being built. Most often it is the aft and bow section. The result of the modernization is the creation of a barge with new parameters, but at a lower cost.

It should be noted that wear is possible not only mechanical, but also “moral”: although the ship’s mechanism may be in order, it is already outdated, since modern technologies have gone far ahead. In such cases, projects for the modernization of ships are drawn up precisely with the goal of replacing, for example, the old engine with a new, more efficient and less expensive economically, requiring less effort, more environmentally friendly.

LLC “VIKAR” offers services for the modernization of vessels of various classes (including non-self-propelled barges) in accordance with customer needs. More than a decade of experience of our work allows us to promise the quality and only those changes of your vessel that will make it better, greener and more economical.