River transport

The project for the transportation of oversized cargo on a ro-ro barge is being developed on the basis of an application from the customer, containing the weight and size characteristics of the cargo, the location of the shipper and consignee, a drawing of the cargo, its specifics, and delivery times. The availability and reliability of these data, which must be agreed between all the participants in the process, determine the efficiency of the organization and execution of transportation by river transport.

In preparing the transportation of oversized cargo on the river LLC “VIKAR” perform:

  • transport route survey;
  • development and approval of the project (special project) of transportation;
  • development of a project for safe placement and securing of cargo on a barge;
  • manufacture of equipment for securing cargo (if necessary);
  • calculation of the stability and floodability of the barge;
  • calculation of the necessary towing on all parts of the waterway;
  • obtaining all necessary permits and approvals for the transportation of oversized cargo in terms of GDP in the Russian River Register and the Basin Administration;

If you are planning to transport oversized heavy cargo on waterways, we suggest you contact our company to work out and select the best route. To carry out river transportation of goods, VIKAR Company guarantees the supply of the necessary barge-and-towed cargo for loading large-size, heavy cargo and its use during transportation under the most favorable conditions for our customers.

River transport of goods is one of the most common delivery methods. Suffice it to say that the transport of goods by river transport takes up to 43% of the total flow of transport operations.

What makes this type of delivery so popular?

  • Not all roads and vehicles are designed for transportable objects of non-standard size and weight, whereas a modern barge has a very large carrying capacity.
  • In some cases, when it comes to delivering equipment for industries such as petrochemical, energy, mining, transportation of oversized cargo on a river is the only way to prevent excessive mechanical stress.
  • The cost of transporting oversized cargo by river transport is cheaper than other methods, since only the weight and length are taken into account when calculating the cost of the service.
  • Environmentally friendly transportation.

What is the river carriage of goods used for?

  • Transportation of wheeled vehicles (cars, agricultural vehicles, trucks, trailers).
  • Sending any non-urgent shipment requiring careful handling.
  • Transportation of objects of non-standard size and weight (oversized).

What is required from the customer?

Application including:

  • size and weight characteristics of the cargo;
  • location of the sender and recipient;
  • characteristic of the cargo, if necessary, its drawing;
  • delivery times.

The fuller and more accurate the data, the more accurately and efficiently we will prepare and carry out the transportation of oversized cargo by river transport.

Transportation of oversized cargo on the river can be supplemented by other modes of transport. Such transportation is called multimodal.

Why is multimodal transportation convenient?

VIKAR Company offers its customers multimodal (mixed) transportation.

  1. The contract for the transport of heavy oversized cargo is executed by one company.
  2. The organization and supply of transport is agreed within the carrier’s company.
  3. Preparation of documents, approvals, permits, transportation project, loading and unloading project is carried out taking into account all manipulations with cargo (loading, fastening, reloading, unloading).
  4. Responsibility for the execution of the transportation of goods falls on one company of the contractor, which facilitates tracking and control by the customer.
  5. With this method, the combination of price and delivery time is quite profitable for the customer.

You can be sure that oversized river cargo transportation will be carried out by us at the time you need and in the best possible way.

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