Ship reclassification

Modern technology does not stand still. This also applies to the shipbuilding industry. Often, shipowners need to change something in their vehicle. The ship could become outdated, wear out, or it is required that it could embark on longer journeys and carry more cargo, it is possible to technically make it more economical … In such cases, we offer such a service as ship reclassification, that is, changing or upgrading the ship’s class.

What is a ship class?

A ship’s class is the discharge of the ship to which it is classified, based on:

  • destination (for example, transport, school or commercial, commercial);
  • navigation area (sea, domestic, that is lake / river, mixed: river – sea);
  • mode of movement (self-propelled / non-propelled);
  • the material from which the hull is made;
  • engine type;
  • designs (single and multideck, single and double-hull).

Purposes of ship reclassification

Re-qualification of ships is performed with the following objectives:

  • improvement in design, the class changes after modernization;
  • reclassification (class change) to expand the navigation area (for example, an inland vessel can go out to sea after a thorough modernization)
  • Sometimes this is due to a specific need. For example, you may need a rescue tug. Building such a structure from scratch is a very complicated and time-consuming business, and it is much easier to retrofit an existing structure.

How do we reclassify a ship?

  1. The ship is fully inspected (the hull of the vessel is being tested) and is being diagnosed.
  2. A reclassification project is being created: drawings are made indicating the required repair actions and defects, future changes.
  3. Repair and other work is being done. In this case, experts are trying to carefully deal with the basic elements. Particularly careful work is carried out with those structures on which the safety of transport operation directly depends.
  4. The result of the restructuring is an updated vessel of a new class, most often upward.

LLC “VIKAR” performs work on changing the classes of different courts. If you need to reclassify your ships to expand their navigation area, you can feel free to contact us: we will carefully deal with your vehicle, giving it new characteristics in accordance with your requests.

ship reclassification