Sea transport

One of the most cost-effective ways to transport goods is the carriage of goods by sea. Therefore, large companies often prefer this type of transportation, especially when it becomes necessary to deliver bulky and heavy cargo over long distances.

For the implementation of international shipping of oversized cargo from Europe, East Asia, China in the company “VIKAR” there are established communications shipowners. Currently, the Russian Federation has closely established contacts with foreign partners for the supply of heavy oversized industrial equipment as part of projects for the modernization and construction of oil and gas, energy, oil refining and mining industries.

In this situation, the service of transportation of oversized cargo by sea is the only way to deliver to another continent or to another country. Since modern vessels have a large carrying capacity, their extensive cargo space allows for oversized transportation of oversized cargo without any problems. The international carriage of goods by sea is more reliable than other types of transport, as they minimize the likelihood of accidents or damage to goods.

In the organization of maritime transport of oversized cargoes, VIKAR’s specialists have sufficient practical experience. The company’s specialists will develop the optimal route of transportation, choosing the most convenient ports in the world; provide a full range of forwarding, customs clearance and insurance services. You will be offered a comprehensive solution for the organization of multimodal transportation – delivery of cargo by various types of transport reliably, efficiently and quickly.

VIKAR will help you arrange all the necessary documents for the carriage of goods by sea.

Basic documents required for oversized shipping:

  • Bill of Lading – a document certifying the ownership of the goods and allowing to sell the goods on the way.
  • Invoice – an invoice issued by the seller of the goods to the buyer for a specific consignment of goods. The invoice must contain the name and addresses of the seller and buyer; the date and number of the order of the buyer; description of the goods sold; exact designations and numbers indicated on the package and terms of delivery.
  • Packing List – list of items of cargo with the indication of the numbers of places, overall and weight characteristics of each place. The packing list is a shipping document that is an addition to the invoice (invoice).
  • Export declaration for goods produced and sold from countries (EU) is a generally accepted international document that confirms the export of goods. The export declaration is one of the most important customs documents and is necessary for the legal export of the goods of the exporting country to the importing country. In accordance with international customs regulations, the export declaration confirms the legality of the transaction.

The advantages of cooperation with the company “VIKAR” are competitive prices, our company has established contacts with the largest operators of international maritime oversized transport. Extensive experience of combining sea, river and road transport with the ability to handle oversized heavy cargo at terminals in the ports of Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Temryuk, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Ust-Luga, Vanino, which allows our customers to speed up customs operations with cargo at the transit terminal. Also, our company offers our customers to transfer services in the port from a sea vessel to river, road or rail transport.

Thanks to the well-established ties and many years of experience in the field of international sea and river transport, VIKAR LLC makes discounts to its regular customers.

The advantages of transporting goods by sea

Despite the fact that shipping by sea takes a lot of time, it still remains very popular. What is the reason?

  1. Low cost compared to air or rail.
  2. Large capacity. Modern transport vessels are designed for a very high load.
  3. This kind of transport is much cleaner than others.
  4. In many companies, in particular, in LLC “VIKAR”, the service of further transportation to the place, that is, overloading of oversized cargo from a ship to road, rail or river transport is offered.

How are oversized shipments carried by sea?

  1. Parameters of the cargo are estimated to calculate the cost of transportation.
  2. The best route is discussed and approved with the customer. And the path can be, both exclusively sea, and combined – with further delivery by land.
  3. Documents are collected, the final cost of the service is calculated.
  4. VIKAR will charter a suitable vessel.
  5. Organizes or controls the process of loading oversized equipment onto a ship in port.
  6. Prepares and submits documents to the customer.
  7. Upon arrival of the cargo at the port of discharge, if necessary, our specialists carry out customs procedures.
  8. Organize or control the process of unloading (or reloading) of cargo from a sea vessel.

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo by sea transport – one of the specialties of our company for many years. Well-established relations with cargo operators and good knowledge of transportation rules, both domestically and abroad, experience in the largest ports allow us to guarantee the highest quality oversized sea transportation.