R & D work

The project for the transportation of oversized cargo on a ro-ro barge is being developed on the basis of an application from the customer, containing the weight and size characteristics of the cargo, the location of the shipper and consignee, a drawing of the cargo, its specifics, and delivery times. The availability and accuracy of these data, which must be agreed between all participants in the process, determine the effectiveness of the organization and execution of cargo transportation by river transport.

R & D work

What do we offer?

At the preparatory stage of transportation of oversized cargo on the river LLC “VIKAR” perform:

  • survey of the intended route of transportation;
  • development and approval of the project (special project) of transportation;
  • development of a project for safe placement and securing of cargo on a barge;
  • manufacture of equipment for securing cargo (if necessary);
  • calculation of stability and floodability of a cargo barge;
  • calculation of the necessary towing on all parts of the waterway;
  • obtaining all necessary permits and approvals for the transportation of oversized cargo in terms of GDP in the Russian River Register and the Basin Administration.

If you are planning to transport heavy oversized cargo on waterways, we suggest you contact our company to study and select the best route. In order to carry out river transport, VIKAR guarantees the supply of the necessary barge-and-towed cargo for loading large-size, heavy cargo and the performance of transportation on the most favorable conditions for our customers.

We are chosen!

Over the years, LLC “VIKAR” has gained tremendous experience in the preparation of project documentation for a clear and systematic execution of freight. Our company offers project development and engineering solutions related to the transport of bulky goods. The VIKAR specialists will design and construct temporary moorings for unloading equipment using either the ro-ro method or the crane or rigging method. In addition, after analyzing the source data and preparing all the technical documentation for the transportation of your cargo, our company experts will offer you the best logistic solution, allowing you to extract the greatest benefit from properly organized transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.