The project of transportation of oversized cargo on a barge of the type RO-RO from the port in St. Petersburg, 2016

Barge – towing structure:

  1. Barge-platform “T-1002” pr.81109, year of construction – 1993,
    in the class of PPP “M-PR 2.5”, with a carrying capacity of 1000 tons
  2. Pusher tug “OTA-990”, pr.758 B1 /1-901-003РР
    PPP class “M 2.0”

9 positions of oversized cargo with a total weight of 300 tons

In September 2016, VIKAR completed the river transportation of nine oversized positions from the port in St. Petersburg to two landing sites:
1) Perm, 2) Verkhnechusovsky Townships.
To accomplish this project, our company provided the barge with the T-1002 platform, project 81109, with a loading capacity of 1000 tons, 69.4 m long, 14.0 m wide, PPP class M-PR 2.5 and tug OTA-990 »On the pier in St. Petersburg. The project of transportation of oversized equipment on a ro-ro type barge was developed by our company’s specialists and provided for placing all 9 positions on one barge — the site, securing these cargoes on the vessel in accordance with the loading, accommodation and fastening schemes at the loading point. Loading equipment was carried out by crane method.
The oversized equipment was transported along the route agreed with the Customer by inland waterway.
The first place of unloading of cargo was a port in the city of Perm. Equipment in the amount of 8 positions was unloaded by crane method from the barge to the shore.
A further barge-tow train proceeded to a temporary berth in Verkhnechusovsky Townships, where oversized equipment was unloaded by ro-ro using the customer’s vehicles.
The whole project was completed on time at the end of autumn 2016.