Transportation of the R-201 reactor along the berth of PJSC “OMZ” SPB – the berth of PJSC “KINEF” Kirishi


Barge – platform T-1001

Tug – pusher “Raid-50”

Tug – pusher “Luza”

Tug – pusher “Iceberg”

Tug – pusher “Eugene Dodrikov”


Reactor P – 201 on the road train.

Characteristics of the reactor P – 201:

Length – 22,400 mm,

Width – 5680 mm

Height – 5000 mm,

Weight – 204.2 tons

Characteristic of a train with a reactor P – 201:

Length – 27,200 mm,

Width – 5680 mm

Height – 6250 mm

Weight – 362 tons

Loading method: RO-RO
Unloading method: RO-RO

In October 2017, VIKAR specialists began to implement a new project for the transportation of heavy oversized equipment. Under the terms of the contract, Vikar performed a river transportation of oversized cargo on a barge from the pier of OMZ on the Neva River, located at: St. Petersburg, pos. Ust-Slavyanka, st. Zavodskaya, 32 lit L, M to the special ground of LLC Kinef, located at the address: Leningrad Region, Kirishi, Black River, 600 m from the mouth.

To implement this project, a project was developed and agreed upon for loading, unloading and transporting heavy equipment, thanks to which the cargo was delivered in safety.

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