Transportation of heavy steam generators Kolomna p. – Sea Port of St. Petersburg, 2015


  1. Barge site T1002 pr.81109, year of construction – 1993, in the class of PPP “M-PR 2.5”, with a carrying capacity of 1000 tons.
  2. Perseus-1 Tug, Pr. 887A, airlock.


Steam generators 2 pcs. for Tianwan NPP2.

Weight with lodgements – 378 tons.

Dimensions (cm) – 1434.2 x 433.0 x 498.8

In August – September 2015, VIKAR completed transportation of heavy steam generators manufactured at ZiO Podolsk for the Tianwan NPP2. The barge towing structure was filed for loading heavy oversized power equipment in the port of Kolomna. Oversized cargoes on a barge in the port of Kolomna were loaded using RO-RO method, then cargoes on a barge were put up on transport lodgments and attached to the barge by welding and using special stretch marks, in accordance with the CTG transportation project on a river vessel.

The route of transportation of steam generators on a barge of the type RO-RO: Port Kolomna – “Big Sea Port of St. Petersburg”. Our company transported steam generators for Tianwan NPP-2 in two batches of two oversized cargo per barge. In the Port of St. Petersburg, the steam generators were unloaded from the barge and installed on special cradles; further, the cargo will be reloaded onto the vessel using the DEMAG crane. Then the cargo for the nuclear power plant went to the PRC by sea. The project of transportation of heavy oversized energy equipment took about a month.