Berth of OMZ PJSC on the Neva River – Bolshoy Morskoy Port of St. Petersburg

Barge – platform ARK – 20 – type 7514,
Built in 2017, class K R2-RSN Pontoon

Tug – pusher “Bars”, type OTA – 800, project 758AM,
Built in 1966, the class of the ship M3,0 (ЛЕД30)

– Reactor housing – quantity – 1 unit, weight – 333.38 tons
Dimensions – 11390mm x5600mm x5470mm


At the end of October 2018, the Vikar Company carried out another transportation of oversized heavy equipment for the Kudankulam NPP (India) on the barge, the ARK-20 site, on the following route: the pier of OMZ on the Neva River – Big Sea Port St. Petersburg.

When carrying out loading operations, our company prepared a temporary berth, carried out diving work to survey the bottom of the water area.

According to the terms of the contract, the tug – barge tug – pusher “Bars” and the barge – the platform “ARK – 20” was filed for loading onto the prepared temporary pier. The first stage is the mooring of the empty barge to the berth, then the ballasting of the barge before landing on the sandy “pillow” and finally the ramp is installed for the arrival of vehicles with cargo.

The reactor vessel was loaded onto a barge-platform ARK-20 using the RO-RO method in accordance with the developed loading and transportation project. Fixed supporting thumbs according to the layout and mounting.

In the Big Sea Port of St. Petersburg, oversized heavy cargo was unloaded using a crane method for further customs operations.

The customer of this transportation was LLC Transit and PJSC OMZ, LLC ASE.

We are grateful to ARC Shipping Company LLC and Intek Shipping LLC for assistance in providing transportation.