The project of transportation of power equipment at the “Huadyan-Teninskaya CHPP” from Kostroma to Yaroslavl, 2014

Barge – towing structure:

  1. Barge site T-1002 pr.81109, year of construction-1993, in the class of PPP “M-PR 2.5”, with a carrying capacity of 1000 tons
  2. Perseus-1 Tug


  1. Turbo group weight 193 tons
  2. Generator weight 227 tons
  3. Transformer weight 189 tons

In the summer of 2014, VIKAR launched a project to transport oversized energy equipment along the Volga River from Kostroma to Yaroslavl for the construction of Huadian-Teninskaya CHP Plant. The company’s specialists have developed a technological scheme for loading and securing cargo on a barge, have worked and determined the place of loading and unloading. In the places of loading and unloading of oversized cargo to the barge of the RO-RO brigade, the company employees carried out exploratory diving work.

The oversized power equipment of the GTE-160 complete with the SGEN5-100A generator and components, as well as the heavyweight transformer of the TDC-200000/220 type for the construction site “PGU-CHP 450 MW in Yaroslavl” had the following characteristics:

  • Turbo group – dimensions 1044 x 405 x 395 weighing 193 tons.
  • Generator – dimensions 990 x 393 x 365 weighing 227 tons.
  • Transformer – dimensions 655 – 305 – 429 weighing 189 tons.

For the river transportation of large-sized heavy equipment, VIKAR provided the barge-towing structure:

  • T-1002 barge platform, project No. 81109
    • length 69.6 m.
    • width 14.00 m.
    • side height 2.0 m.
    • PPP class M-PR2.5
  • pusher “Persey-1”, project number 887A
    • length 24.4 m.
    • 8.0 m wide.
    • side height 3.0 m.
    • PPP class “O2.0”

On the bank of the river. Volga in Kostroma employees of the company “VIKAR” completed the construction of a temporary pier type RO-RO and carried out work on the arrangement of temporary access roads, according to a previously developed and agreed project. According to the contractual terms, the BBS for the transportation of oversized cargo was filed for loading onto the prepared temporary berth. The first step is the mooring of the empty barge to the berth, then the ballasting of the barge before landing on the sandy “pillow” and finally the ramp is installed for the arrival of vehicles with cargo.

The complexity of this transportation lies in the fact that all three oversized positions were transported on a RO-RO barge installed on semi-trailers. For their transportation the VIKAR company prepared the Project of placement and fastening of freights on BBS, according to which the staff of the company also executed loading and fastening. After all the staff arrangements for the preparation of the RO-RO barge for the carriage of goods along the river, the ballast was pumped out to ascend the barge and additional ballast trimming of the barge for operational landing. And oversized equipment went by river along the Volga in the city of Yaroslavl.

For acceptance of cargo at the berth in Yaroslavl, the VIKAR LLC’s execution department carried out work on arranging temporary access roads, coordinating and designing the berth, diving survey activities, preparing the barge mooring site, as well as building a temporary pier on the bank of the r. Volga in the city of Yaroslavl.

Loading and unloading of power equipment was carried out by the RO-RO method, by rolling (rolling out) oversized cargo onto a barge through ramps on a vehicle.