Project of transportation of rowing electric motors for atomic icebreaker. 2016

Barge-platform T-1001, project No. 81109, year of construction 1993, in the class of PPP “M-PR 2.5”, carrying capacity 1000 t
Tug tug “Bison” power 2500 hp
Additional BBS during transportation:
Tug “Bogatyr” power 1600 hp
Tug “Flurry” 450 hp
Tug “Eagle” 150 hp

In the late autumn of 2016, when ice had already risen on the water, VIKAR company completed the project of transporting heavy equipment from the temporary pier on the Neva River of PJSC Izhorskie Zavody to the Big Sea Port of St. Petersburg, the pier of the Baltiysky Plant. Before the start of transportation, the specialists of VIKAR LLC completed a thorough study of the project and action plan for the delivery of two rowing electric motors weighing 276.16 tons each with overall parameters of 8955 x 5605 x 4500 mm. Rowing motors are designed for the latest generation of icebreakers, manufactured at the Leningrad Electric Machine Building Plant. For the transportation of heavy cargo, our company submitted for loading a barge – a towing structure with a corresponding carrying capacity and weather conditions. Oversized equipment was loaded using ro-ro on a temporary pier in the Ust-Izhora region. Specialists of our company completed the loading and fastening of expensive equipment on the barge platform in accordance with the CTG transportation project on a barge that was specially developed and agreed for this transportation. Cargoes are placed on a barge so as to distribute the load on the deck structures. For fastening, a combined fastening system was used: steel stops from transverse and longitudinal displacement of foundations and lashing from a steel rope with a tension device to prevent lateral displacement and tilting of propeller motors. The frames were welded in the appropriate places for fixing lashings on the cargo deck. Since the transportation of oversized electric motors took place in the last days of navigation and almost very difficult weather conditions, during the movement I had to use additional tugs, as well as use the icebreaker Nevskaya Zastava.
Upon the arrival of a heavy oversized cargo to its destination, two additional tugs, Squall and Eagle, were used when setting up the barge at the berth. Performed the necessary ballast operations. After mooring the BBC to the berth, the equipment was cleared and unloaded using a Demag SPK-1 crane, with a cargo capacity of 350 tons to the shore.

Employees of 000 “VIKAR” starting to work on any project individually approach each order, but at the same time they must draw up all the necessary documentation from project design to permitting and cargo insurance (if necessary). They are working on possible options for loading and unloading, the selection of the place of loading and unloading, depending on the terms of the contract.
Transportation of heavy oversized cargo by river transport has its own characteristics, it is a more complicated process of loading and unloading, installation and fastening of oversized cargo on a barge, selection of the necessary barge-towing structure, development of project documentation, obtaining permits for transportation of oversized cargo on the river, finding a suitable place unloading, construction of a temporary berth, and many other components for the successful transportation of oversized heavy cargoes by river transport.
So, in accordance with all the components of successful work, this transportation of rowing electric motors was completed within the agreed time, observing all the conditions of the contract with the Customer.
In the navigation of 2016, this transportation was final for our company, so after the work was completed, the barge-tugboat was sent to the place of winter sludge.