Project of transportation of oversized equipment Big Sea port of St. Petersburg-port Bronka-p. Cherepovets industrial Severstal

Tugboat and barge train:
Barge-site “1681”, project 16800, RRR class ” O-PR 2,0(ice 20)
Pusher “Sergey Kladko”, power 1600 HP.

Main evaporator E02,
The high-pressure column K01,
Low pressure column K02,
K10 crude argon column with E10 condenser,
Pure argon column K11 with evaporator E15 and condenser E16,
Enriched liquid separator V02,
Liquid argon tank V30,
Air purification vessel.

Total weight-404,760 tons.
Dimensions of the largest unit-29950mmh4800mmh2920mm

In September 2019, the company “VIKAR” performed transportation of oversized cargo on the route: the Great Sea port of St. Petersburg-port Bronka-p. Cherepovets, Severstal industrial port.
Oversized cargo was loaded onto the barge “1681” by crane method in accordance with the developed scheme of placement and fastening of KTG and unloaded by crane method at the berth of industrial Severstal.
The customer transportation were companies LLC ” Nord-West wind.”
We thank LLC Transwood for the help in rendering transportation.