Oversized equipment transportation project Volgodonsk special berth AEMT – Temporary berthing facility Saratov region Balakovo district

Tow and barge composition:
Shelby barge platform, project No. 81109, RRR class – “О 2.0 (ice 20))
Tug – pusher “Perseus – 1” project No. 887A, RRR class – “О 2.0 (ice 20)), power 600 hp

PGV-1000M steam generator, quantity – 1 piece, weight – 312 tons
Dimensions – 14440mmx5700mmx5160mm

In the period from May 24 to June 09, 2019, the VICAR company carried out river transportation of oversized cargo along the route: AEMT special settlement p. Volgodonsk – Temporary berthing facility Saratov Region Balakovo District.
Oversized heavy cargo was loaded by crane on the special berth AEMT of Volgodonsk in accordance with the developed scheme for the placement and fastening of CTG and unloaded by the RO-RO method at a temporary berthing facility in Balakovo district of the Saratov region. To carry out the unloading of cargo, the approach channel was dredged by a non-mechanical method.
The steam generator for the Balakovo nuclear power plant is designed to replace a similar apparatus at the third power unit of the station. Replacement will be carried out as part of a large-scale modernization of power unit No. 3 in order to improve the thermal-hydraulic characteristics.
The transportation customer was Volgodonsk branch of AEM-technology company and AET Trans LLC. The partner in the delivery of cargo was Truck-Service LLC.