The project of transportation of oversized equipment Mooring SNPZ Syzran – Big Sea Port of St. Petersburg

Tow – barge line-up:

Barge – Shelby Playground project 8109, РРР class “О 2.0 (ice 20)”
Tug – pusher “Ozerny – 213”, project H-3181, built in 1983,
ship class OM3.0 (LYD20)

The device of the melt trap – 9 pieces of equipment, total weight – 331,973 tons.
With dimensions from 1720mm x 1000mm x 720mm to 6670mm x 6670mm x 5580mm


In September 2018, our company carried out KTG river transportation on a barge, the Shelby site, on the route: the berth of the Syzran oil refinery, Bolshoy Morskoy Port, St. Petersburg. This cargo was intended for Kudankulam NPP (India).

For the implementation of the loading work, the company “Vikar” performed the channel survey and sweeping work in the area of ​​water area and water approaches to the berth of large-tonnage equipment of the Syzran refinery.

The company’s specialists have developed and agreed on the project of transportation and the route of the tug – barge train on the inland waterways of Russia.

9 units of cargo were loaded onto a barge – a “Shelby” platform using the RO-RO method on the Syzran Oil Refinery berth in accordance with the developed and agreed layout and mounting of CTG.

A large-sized heavy cargo arrived at the Big Sea Port of St. Petersburg on time, was unloaded by crane at the pier for organizing further customs procedures.

The customer of this transportation was JSC Tyazhmash, LLC ASE.

We thank Port Dudenevo LLC and Petrozavodsk Shipping Company LLC for the assistance in providing transportation.