Oversized equipment transportation project Rostov Sea Multimodal port of Rostov-on-Don settlement – temporary berth on the Chusovaya River Verkhne-Chusovsky Gorodki

Towing barge:
BP-6 platform barge, project No. 81109, PPP class – “О 2.0 (ice 20))
Tug – pusher “Perseus – 1” project No. 887A, RRR class – “О 2.0 (ice 20)), power 600 hp

– Regenerator 10-С-1003, quantity – 1 piece, weight – 98.780 tons
Dimensions – 39200mmx4800mmx5125mm
– Crystallizer 40-V-1310A, quantity – 2 pieces, weight – 63.5 tons each unit
Dimensions – 14460mmx6864mmx7032mm each unit
– Modular trailer, quantity – 2 pieces, weight – 29.0 tons each unit
Dimensions – 9000mmh3000mmh1200mm each unit


In July 2019, the VICAR company carried out river transportation of oversized cargo along the route: Rostov Sea Multimodal Port of Rostov-on-Don, a temporary berth on the Chusovaya River, Verkhne-Chusovsky Gorodki.
Oversized heavy cargo was loaded by crane in the Rostov Sea Multimodal Port of Rostov-on-Don in accordance with the developed scheme for the placement and fastening of CTG and unloaded by the RO-RO method to a temporary berth on the Chusovaya River in Verkhne-Chusovsky Gorodki.
This equipment is intended for the ammonia, urea and melamine (AKM) production complex under construction in Gubakha (Perm Territory) .
The transportation customer was Metafrax PJSC and RTL LLC.