The project of transportation of oversized equipment special berth AEMT p. Volgodonsk – berth of heavyweights TRANSKAMA p. Nizhnekamsk

Motor ship Zelenga, type STK, project 326, built in 1978,
ship class KM * L4 R2-RSN

Semi-upper hull of the stripping column 1300С0402, quantity – 1 item, weight – 98,996 tons
Dimensions – 18310mmh5200mmkh4419mm

Semi-hull bottom stripping column 4300C0402, quantity – 1 item, weight – 95.019 tonnes
Dimensions –16480mmx5200mmx4390mm

In the period from April 26 to May 5, 2019, VIKAR performed a river transportation of oversized cargo on the Zelenga motor ship on the following route: AEMT special berth, Volgodonsk – the berth of the heavyweights of TRANSKAMA, Nizhnekamsk.

Oversized cargo for the oil company PJSC TATNEFT (semi-hull upper stripper 1300С0402 and semi-hull lower stripping column 4300С0402) was loaded onto the Zelenga motor ship by the crane method, in accordance with the designed layout and mounting of the CTG and unloaded by the crane method on the berth heavyweights TRANSKAMA p. Nizhnekamsk.

The semi-hull of the upper stripping column 1300C0402 and the semi-hull of the lower stripping column 4300C0402 for the oil industry were delivered to the destination according to the terms of the contract on time agreed and agreed with the customer.

The customer for the shipment was the companies Truck-Service LLC and PJSC Tatneft.

We thank Transwood LLC for assistance in providing transportation.