The special berth of the Syzran refinery, Syzran – a temporary pier on the Shelon river, Shimsk, Novgorod region

Barge – platform “Shelby” project 8109, class РРР “О 2.0 (ice 20)”
Tug – pusher “Ural-5”, pusher “Bright”, tug – pusher “Petrokrepost”

Lock body transport weight 94.85 tons,
overall dimensions 8420mm x7360mm x7430mm – 1 unit.

Canvas outer weight 42,596 tons,
overall dimensions 6820mm x5500mm x830mm – 2 units.

Frame weight 33.026 tons,
overall dimensions 6760mm x5230mm x1400mm – 2 units.

In October 2018, the company “VIKAR” performed the river transportation of oversized cargo on a barge – the platform “Shelby” from the special berth of the Syzran refinery in Syzran to the temporary pier on the river. Shelon p. Shimsk Novgorod region.

This large-sized heavy equipment is intended for the Belarusian NPP.

For the transportation of large-sized heavy cargo, the development of cargo loading /unloading projects using the RO-RO method was carried out, and a logistics route along Russia’s inland waterways with a total length of more than 2800 kilometers was also developed.

Additional activities and survey work were carried out for the passage of particularly difficult sections of Russia’s inland waterways.

The customer of the transportation was PJSC “Sovfrakht”, JSC “Tyazhmash”, LLC “ASE”.

We are grateful to Port Dudenevo LLC, Mezhregionrechflot LLC, SK Yarbunker LLC and SK Karelkamen SK LLC for assistance in providing transportation.