Oversized equipment transportation project Special prichachal Syzran oil refinery p. Syzran – p. Sea port of Novorossiysk

Towing barge:
ARK – 18 barge platform, type 6516, class РМРС K µR2-RSN pontoon, Ice 1

Tug – pusher Maral, power 2400hp, class RMRS KM “Ice2 R2 – RSN (4,5) tug

Guide plate, quantity – 4 pieces, total weight – 110.683 tons

Dimensions of the largest unit – 5380mmx5380mmx3740mm

Farm console, quantity – 20 pieces, total weight – 175.972 tons

Dimensions of the largest unit –9150mmx4550mmx2630mm

The details of the mortgage shafts of the reactor above +11.00, the quantity – 4 pieces, the total weight – 7.767 tons

Dimensions of the largest unit –7000mmx2660mmx2510mm


In July 2019, the VICAR company carried out the transportation of oversized cargo along the route: Special prichrich of the Syzran oil refinery in the village of Syzran and the village of the Sea Port of Novorossiysk.

Oversized cargo was loaded onto the ARK-18 barge, partly by the RO-RO method, partly by the crane method in accordance with the developed scheme for the placement and fastening of the CTG, and was loaded by the crane method onto the NEPTUNE CROWN vessel in the Sea Port of Novorossiysk. In the future, this cargo will be delivered to the Republic of Bangladesh for the construction of the first nuclear power plant of Ruppur NPP.

The transportation customer was the companies Atomstroyexport CJSC, TYAZHMASH LLC and Sovfracht PJSC.

We are grateful to ARK Shipping Company LLC for assistance in providing transportation.