The project of transportation of oversized equipment Volgodonsk – Nizhnekamsk. 2017

Barge – towing structure:
Barge – the platform “BN-1” project 4993, class PPP “O 2,0”
800 tons lifting capacity
Diesel – electric tug – pusher “Shluzovoy-62”, built in 1971, class of ship “O” 2.0 (ice 20)
Extract column 2600С0002 weight – 87.80 tons, length – 41.67 m, width – 3.15 m, height – 3.40 m
Raffin column reboiler 2600E0002 weight – 61.70 tons, length – 9.18 m, width – 3.60 m, height – 3.93 m.
Benzene column 2900С0001 weight – 68.02 tons, length – 50.89 m, width – 2.30 m, height – 2.82 m
Toluene column 2900С0002 weight – 98.70 tons, length – 41.20 m, width – 3.74 m, height – 3.51 m
The deginitization column 2700С0001 weight – 70,56 tons, length – 38,56 m, width – 2,95 m, height – 3,25 m

In May 2017, VIKAR performed a river transportation of oversized cargo on a barge from the AEHT Volgodonsk to Nizhnekamsk for PJSC TATNEFT. Oversized cargoes are designed for the installation of the primary distillation of oil ELOU-AVT6 in the city of Nizhnekamsk.

On the BN-1 barge platform, project 4993 /B58-020 /1408, the oversized cargo was loaded by crane method in the following sequence:

  • Extract column – weighing 87.80 tons,
  • Toluene column – 98.70 tons in weight,
  • The raffinate column reboiler weighs 61.70 tons,
  • De-nitrating column – weighing 70.56 tons,
  • Benzene column – weighing 68.02 tons.

As it should be when transporting heavy oversized cargo by river transport, before transportation and loading, our engineers worked out the route, developed schemes for loading /unloading and securing large-sized cargo on a ro-ro barge. A transportation project has been drawn up and agreed upon.

Large cargo was placed on specially designed wooden supports and wooden mats on the cargo deck of the barge. To align the roll and trim barges after loading were carried out ballast operations.

The oversized cargo on the deck of the barge was placed in such a way that to distribute the load on the deck structures without additional reinforcing measures of the barge hull. A combined fastening system was used for securing the cargo: steel stops from transverse and longitudinal displacement of supports and mats and chain lashings from chains with a tensioning device (lanyard) to prevent longitudinal and transverse displacement of the load and its tipping over. The frames were welded in the appropriate places for fixing the kits on the cargo deck.

In developing the project, the specialists of VIKAR LLC took into account all the components of weather conditions, places and loading and unloading options, cargo dimensions and weight, route and safety of transportation of expensive goods.

The place for unloading oversized cargo was the berth of Transkama CJSC in the city of Nizhnekamsk. Unloading method: crane.