The project of transportation of oversized cargo from the port of St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod, 2014


  1. The barge is the R92 area, 400 tons carrying capacity.
  2. Barge area B 2400.
  3. Tugboat RT-333.
  4. Estuary tug.


  • A waste heat boiler weighing 243.6 tons.
  • Waste heat recovery boiler weighing 80.5 tons.
  • A steam drum weighing 89.4 tons.
  • Ammonia Synthesis Column weighing more than 400 tons.

In October 2014, LLC VIKAR performed the river transportation of oversized cargo from the port of St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod for the needs of JSC AKRON.

Oversized cargo with a total weight of more than 600 tons was transported by VIKAR on two barges.

On the roadstead in the “Big Sea Port“ St. Petersburg ”, the heavy equipment in the amount of 4 positions was transferred from the offshore crane vessel to the RO-RO barges, and installed on temporary supports, so that during unloading by the ro-ro method the transport trailers could call in under the lodgements. After the equipment was reloaded, the oversized cargo was mounted on a barge, according to the developed mounting schemes. Then, BBS with oversized cargo on board the Inland Waterways of the Russian Federation set off along the agreed river route through Lake Ladoga and further along the Volkhov River to a temporary pier in Veliky Novgorod.

Two barges-platforms of the RO-RO type moored to the temporary berth as equipment was unloaded in accordance with the developed project for transportation and storage of heavy cargo. At the berth, ro-ro, which was prepared by the customer for unloading oversized cargo from a barge by pulling vehicles onto the ground through a transport ramp, the customer company prepared a temporary cargo storage platform. All loading and unloading operations, as well as cargo securing and fastening, were carried out taking into account the prepared and coordinated Project for the transport of oversized and oversized cargo. All unloading operations at the berth were carried out in a strictly regulated manner within two working days, so that it was stipulated by the scope of the contract with the customer.