The project of transportation of oversized cargo on a barge of the type RO-RO from the settlement of Kriushi in the settlement of Tuapse, 2014

Barge – towing structure:

  1. Barge site pr.16801, year of construction – 1987, in the class “K R2-RSN”, carrying capacity of 1197 tons.
  2. Leopard and OT 2030 tugboats.


  1. Fractional column – weight 265 tons.
  2. The oil stabilization column weighs 66 tons.
  3. Column 402-T-202 – weight 100 tons.
  4. Column 402-Т-201 – weight 57 tons.
  5. Column 403-T-001 – weight 76 tons.

In September 2014, our company completed a complex project for the transportation of column equipment for the Tuapse Refinery (Rosneft OJSC).

According to the contractual deadlines for BBS for the transportation of oversized cargo, it was filed for loading onto a temporary berth located in the settlement of Kriushi, Ulyanovsk Region. The first stage is the mooring of the empty barge to the berth, then the ballasting of the empty barge before landing on the sandy “pillow” and finally the ramp is installed for the arrival of vehicles with cargo.

The complexity of this transportation was that for the transport of five columns had to dismantle the side of the barge. But all the equipment necessary for the carriage was successfully put up on the transport lodgements, the cargoes were assigned to the regular attachment points to the barge.

The overall characteristics of the column equipment to be transported are as follows:

  • Fractional column – 49530х6890х6890 mm, weighing 265 tons;
  • Column – 46300x4560x4400 mm, weighing 100 tons;
  • The column – 3790x3620x4000 mm; weighing 76 tons;
  • Stabilization column – 32350х3100х3100 mm, weighing 66 tons;
  • Column – 4590x3360x3400 mm, weighing 57 tons;

After installing and securing the cargo on the barge, the ballast was pumped out to ascend the barge and additional trim was trimmed to the barge for operational landing. And oversized equipment went by river along the Volga, the Don, through the Tsimlyansk reservoir and the Sea of ​​Azov in the city of Tuapse to the pier of Rosneft. Unloading of oversized cargo from a ro-ro barge was carried out similarly to loading by rolling out cargoes of the customer’s vehicles through the ramp ashore in the reverse (from loading) manner. At the berth, the column equipment by the customer was put up on transport cradles at the temporary storage site.

BBC LLC “VIKAR” took part in this transportation. The barge was a project 16801 platform, with a capacity of 1197 tons and tugs “Bars” and “OT 2030”.

For the execution of the project of transportation of super-negligible cargoes on the ro-ro barge, the specialists of LLC “VIKAR” prepared the Project of loading, securing and transporting cargo on the barge according to the GDP of the Russian Federation.