The project of transportation Volgodonsk spetsprychal AEMT – Nizhnekamsk berth of heavyweights Transkam

Tug and barge line-up:

Barge – the ARK-19 platform
Tug – the pusher OT-2032

Column 2600С0001 assembled.

– length 57000 mm;
– width 5230 mm ;
– height 5205 mm.
– weight 273.00 tons.

Loading method: crane.

Unloading method: crane.

In October 2017, Vikar was tasked with transporting bulky cargo from the special berth of AEMT Volgodonsk to the berth of the heavy TRANSKAMA in Nizhnekamsk.

To carry out this project, our company I gave a barge platform “ARC-19” on spetsprichal “AEMT” in the city of Volgodonsk. where goods have been loaded on the ship by crane and secured according to the schemes of loading, placement and fastening. Then from the special berth of the AEMT Volgodonsk proceeded to Nizhnekamsk on the berth of the heavyweight “TRANSKAMA”, after the heavy cargo was unloaded by crane method.

The competence of our company as a freight carrier is confirmed by numerous positive customer reviews that did not regret their choice. in favor of the services of our company.