Special Priory AEMT p. Volgodonsk – the berth of the Transkam Heavyweights p. Nizhnekamsk – Bolshaya Mosrokoy Port of St. Petersburg

Barge – platform ARK – 20 type 7514, class R2-RSN pontoon, Ice 1µRMPC K
Load capacity 2200 tons
Tug – pusher “Captain Volokitin”, built in 1991, class of vessel O-PR2.0 (LOD10) A

PGV steam generator – 1000MK, quantity – 2 pieces, each weight – 325.872 tons
Dimensions – 13990mmx5400mmx5250mm

The spent catalyst bunker –– quantity – 1 item, weight – 85.476 tons
Dimensions – 26378mmkh5116mmkh4611mm

Fresh catalyst bunker – quantity – 1pc, weight – 42.965 tonnes
Dimensions – 21026mmkh4360mmkh4408mm

In October 2018, VIKAR completed the river transportation of oversized cargo on a barge, the ARK-20 site, on the following route: AEMT special berth, Volgodonsk, the berth of the heavy cargo trucks TRANSKAMA, Nizhnekamsk, Bolshoy Sea Port, St. Petersburg.

For loading to the special berth of AEMT Volgodonsk, a tug – barge train tug – a pusher “Kapitan Volokitin” and a barge – a platform “ARK – 20” were put on it by the crane method, in accordance with the developed layout and mounting of the CTG on a barge the site “ARK – 20”, equipment was loaded: steam generators PGV (2 units), spent catalyst bin (1 unit), fresh catalyst bunker (1 unit).

The spent and fresh catalyst bunkers were unloaded by the crane method at the berth of the heavyweights TRANSKAMA in Nizhnekamsk and were intended for the oil company PJSC TATNEFT.

The PGW steam generators were unloaded using the crane method at the Big Sea Port of St. Petersburg for further shipment to India (for the Kudankulam NPP).

The customer for the shipment was AET TRANS, LLC, Truck-Service LLC, ASE LLC and TATNEFT PJSC.

We are grateful to ARC Shipping Company LLC and Intek Shipping LLC for assistance in providing transportation.