Construction of a temporary pier on the Belaya River in the suburb of Ufa

In November 2015, VIKAR specialists carried out an inspection and construction of a temporary pier on the Belaya River near the city of Ufa.

Having received an order for a survey, regardless of the weather conditions of late autumn, our company started work on a survey of the bottom and shoreline of the proposed place for unloading oversized equipment using the RO-RO method. On the instructions from the customer’s company, preliminary measurements of the depths were carried out at the site of the intended berth in s. Dezhnevo, on the right bank of the Belaya River. Measurements were made from a rubber rowing boat at a slow speed using an echo sounder, a hand-held lot and a taper rod. During the measurements, an abrupt increase in the depth of the river was noted. White to 3.0 – 4.0 at a distance of about 2 m from the coastline in the area of ​​the cape and excavation and a further decrease to 5.1 – 6.5 m in the direction of the channel and a smoother increase in the depths in the lowland area below the cape (depth 3.2–4.0 m was reached, only 15-18 m from the coastline). The analysis also took into account natural factors, the flow rate p. White at the temporary berth in with. Dezhnevo, which was measured using a stopwatch in the research process.

At this time of the year, a small amount of drifting ice floes appeared on the river, with a thickness of no more than 50 mm and a slight coastal fast ice, with a width of no more than 500 mm and ice thickness of no more than 20 mm. After analyzing all the data, it was decided to build a pier on the right bank of the river. White, located at a distance of about 150-200 m above the mark assumed in the task. That contributed to the most protected location of the barge during unloading of large-tonnage cargo under the condition of ice drift. After the survey, the company’s employees, together with the customer, proceeded to the construction of a temporary pier for unloading oversized equipment.