The project of transportation of oversized equipment Syzran – Veliky Novgorod 2017


Transport gateway, with frame packs.

Dimensions including trailers:

  • place number 1: 14000 x 5230 x 2300 mm, weight 27 353 kg.
  • place number 2: 19200 x 5500 x 1715 mm, weight 33,798 kg.
  • place number 3: 15200 x 5230 x 2300 mm, weight 37,755 kg.
  • place number 4: 14150 x 5500 x 1715 mm, weight 32,138 kg.
  • place number 5: 34730 x 7353 x 8489 mm, weight 195,500 kg.

Loading method: RO-RO

Unloading method: RO-RO

At the end of August 2017, the company “VIKAR” completed the project of transporting heavy equipment from the special berth of the Syzran Refinery, Syzran to the temporary pier on the Shelan River in the Novgorod region, pos. Shimsk.

Prior to transportation, VIKAR specialists thoroughly worked out the project and action plan for the delivery of oversized cargo.

For the transportation of heavy cargo, our company submitted for loading a barge – a towing structure with a corresponding carrying capacity and weather conditions. Oversized equipment was loaded by ro-ro on the berth of the Syzran Refinery, Syzran. Specialists of our company completed loading and fastening of expensive equipment on the barge platform in accordance with the CTG transport project on a barge that was specially developed and agreed for this transportation. Cargoes are placed on a barge so as to distribute the load on the deck structures. Upon the arrival of a heavy oversized cargo to its destination, the necessary ballast operations were carried out when setting up the barge to the pier. After mooring the BBC to the pier, the equipment was cleared and unloaded using the ro-ro method at the temporary pier of the Shimsk settlement in the Novgorod region on the Shelen river, 18 km, right bank.

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo is one of the most difficult types of transportation. In order to perform such labor-intensive work, practical experience and the ability to quickly solve complex non-standard tasks is important. After all, even considering that VIKAR has a lot of experience and proven delivery schemes, there can always be unexpected problems.

Our company often faces difficulties and non-standard orders. And thanks to the experience, skills and qualified staff, all orders are completed without any complaints. Specialists of the company “VIKAR” will collect reliable data about the cargo, develop an optimal delivery scheme, provide competent documentary support and safety of the cargo. Each step in the chain is important for the quality of your order. All orders are individual and we will find our own approach to each.